Warts are a common, harmless skin condition. They are caused by the human papillomavirus, or HPV, and results in a fast growth or bump on the skin. Children tend to get warts more often than adults, and these unsightly growths are usually found on fingers and toes—but can appear anywhere on the body. 

Even though warts are harmless, a lot of people want them removed. They are also highly contagious, so it is a good idea to schedule an appointment as quickly as possible to discuss professional removal options.

How do people get warts?

The most common way to get a wart is to catch it from someone else. Some people are naturally more vulnerable to warts than others. Direct contact can spread the virus, and that’s a pretty common occurrence if you shake a lot of people’s hands. Warts are spread by having a cut that comes in contact with the virus. Any kind of small wound, such as a hangnail or shaving nick, is enough to start the infection.

Children get warts more often than adults because their immune systems aren’t as strong. Adults with weakened immune systems will also catch warts easier than others. However, doctors are not entirely sure why some people simply seem to get warts more than others.

There are several treatment options for warts depending upon the location and your preferences. We will be happy to discuss our recommendations with you here at Le Reve Aesthetics.