What is Direct Care Dermatology?

Direct care Dermatology is a progressive medical care model that puts the provider-patient relationship first by eliminating the burdensome rules and regulations that come with insurance networks. This modern vision of healthcare puts patients back in charge of their medical care.  

Direct dermatology care is a model of healthcare in which patients pay their provider directly for their medical care. Le Reve Aesthetics does not bill the insurance company. There are no copays or referrals required. This allows us to set reasonable and transparent prices and allows you to have better control of your care. 

Our simple and transparent pricing is readily available on our website, Since no one likes surprise bills, we don’t send them! Instead of working with insurance companies, we’ve chosen to serve our patients directly. This enables us to dedicate our time and resources to the patient experience. You will pay out-of-pocket for all cosmetic and medical dermatologic visits at Le Reve Aesthetics.

The direct care dermatology model offers our patients personalized dermatologic care, transparent pricing, longer and more relaxed visits, and most patients pay less for their dermatologic care compared to the traditional healthcare model. 

Discover additional benefits of our direct care dermatology pricing.

Benefits of Dermatology Direct Care

Transparent Pricing

Online Transparent Pricing. No surprise bills or hidden bills after the fact. You will receive no bills from us in the mail.

Relaxed Extended Visits
We offer 15 and 30 minute appointments. We never double book or overbook.

Enhanced Patient Privacy
In our practice, neither the government nor insurance companies have access to your medical or billing records.

Better Value
By not taking insurance, we reduce our administrative burdens and keep our costs low. Our fees are reasonable and straightforward. Our goal is to provide the best value to our patients. If you have no insurance, or a high copay or deductible, you will likely find that costs are lower, oftentimes much lower, in a direct pay practice.

Available appointments
Same day and same week appointments. Don’t wait weeks or months for an appointment when you can be seen promptly at Le Reve Aesthetics.